There is a lot of tension between the powerful countries of the world after the chemical attack in Syria's eastern province.

Syria is speaking on the same issue, Germany, France and the United States. US President Donald Trump has urged Russia to make preparations for threatening to launch a new kind of smart missile attack in the Syrian territory at any moment by accusing him of chemical attack. He said that the United States will attack Syria at any moment. And there are support in those three countries.Meanwhile, Russia also did not stop there. Moscow says they will not be able to deal with any serious situation in favor of Mitra Bashar Al Assad.Due to the use of chemical weapons, there is a lot of tension between world powers. The United States, Russia has joined this ongoing tension in Russia. On Thursday, French President Emanuel Macroon said he had evidence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons.The French president said this would be the answer given at the appropriate time.