Opposition Leader and Senior Co-Chairman of Jatiya Party Raushan Ershad said that there is unlimited looting in the bank.

A group is plundering thousands of crores of rupees. They are smuggling this money abroad. Taking money with the money. The entire banking sector has been destroyed. Now the dynasty is sitting in the bank. It's important to end.He said these in the concluding speech of the 20th session of the 10th Parliament. He said, the Finance Minister is a wise person. The bank is being destroyed as it is a person like him can not be accepted. I hope he'll protect the bank. Make a default loan. Do the necessary reforms.Raushan Ershad said people do not have the trust to keep money in the bank. People invested in the stock market and they are on the way. They are insecure even after leaving the bank. What is the public bank, the private banks looting everywhere. Anarchy is going on everywhere. The big guns are out of range. Chunupoots are being caught. If this is the situation then where will the people go? To ensure that people can not make a deposit of embezzlement.