Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide technical knowledge and expertise in the 9 universities of the country in the year 2019 to develop skilled manpower in the field of information technology.

Today, a six-member delegation of ADB discussed with the Chairman of Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) Professor Abdul Mannan while the plan-plan of the proposed three-year proposed project was discussed.Senior Sector Specialist Eric A Bloom of Human and Social Development Division, South Asia Department, led the delegation.In order to develop the advanced infrastructure in the selected university, the project will be started in the first phase of September 2015, to provide technical knowledge and skills in 4 schools. Later, its activities in five twenty ^ schools will be expanded.In the meeting, it was also discussed to invest in a project worth USD 250 million in the development of agricultural sector along with the IT sector. The project will be implemented under UGC.