1.The sound of silence from the part of the brain becomes excited. So quietly chosen

to hold the attention of a complex idea. So it is quite difficult to work in an open office staff was attentive. Regular or irregular words can take away attention from the job quickly and easily.

2. According to experts, a little walking, be careful whom they can better cardiovascular fitness than others. When the mind wanders a little running or walking can be quite beneficial. Such exercises in the morning so it encourages science.

3.If people concentrated around the green green approach can work. Green tree display in the office staff to increase mutual cooperation. Put it on the table or around the small green trees.

4.This popular tea, green tea contains a little amount of caffeine. There are also elements name. It increases people's attention.

5.Meditation Meditation can increase control over attention. The feeling is nourished. Through meditation gives people a thing or void meditation. The muscles of the brain is functioning. These muscles work to hold the attention.

6.Sleep takes away your attention fatigue. Irregular and abnormal sleep cycle does not work properly. At least seven hours of sleep every night so deep, scientists have suggested. Healthy sleep you'll get great attention.